The rowdy non-stop rebel soul that is Blind Joe is as infectious as a night of Jack Daniels and a few Hank Williams songs on the jukebox. Coming from nowhere to being one of the most successful solo musicians in the North Dakota/Minnesota area was not what he expected. Nevertheless, in just a few short years,  Joe has shared the stage with numerous top local and regional acts, as well as national recording artists such as David Allan Coe, Craig Morgan, John Anderson, James Otto, Collin Ray,  Buddy Guy, Bret Michaels of Poison, and many more.  
After multiple cross country tours, playing to thousands of fans and an excellent run on Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice, Blind Joe is fast becoming a household name. Although if you asked him, he would humbly tell you, “I’m just bringin’ that good stuff back”..  
With his quick witted sense of humor, original country music, and energetic stage presence, Blind Joe is tapping his way quickly into the hearts and minds of people all over the United States. And in case you’re wondering, YES, he really is blind :)